Helping your kids to garden

Little kids love gardening as much as big kids!

GCSA is keen to help our budding gardeners of the future enjoy the delights of growing flowers, vegetables and fruits. On this page South Australia’s famous ‘Garden Girl’ prepares a story each season to share with children and encourage them to get gardening.

Learn new things, print off the article and share, print off the colouring-in drawing and have fun! Why not have a competition for the best colouring-in in your household, school class or neighbourhood?

Building Healthy Soil – Winter 2021

Caring about Compost – Autumn 2021

Water and Worms – Summer 2020

Tips for big kids ( mums, dads and other oldies!)

A garden can be a great place for cultivating a fun learning experience for kids. When you introduce children to gardening, it will help to increase their awareness of where their food is coming from and the importance of caring for the environment. Let’s work together to demonstrate to our future gardeners the value in caring for our environment.

Helping your kids to garden:

  • Reserve a small patch of the backyard garden, or if space is limited, some pots or planters especially for them
  • Get some child-friendly gardening tools, all available at your GCSA local centre
  • Make their garden a place where your kids can have an adventure because it will get them interested in gardening.
  • Choose plants that the children are going to enjoy growing, ones that grow quickly, have a strong smell and can be recognised easily.
  • Choose plants that have large seeds or plant seedlings and are relatively fast growing – kids don’t have a lot of patience!
  • Kids like plants they can snack on. Lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers etc.
  • Remember the most important thing in gardening for kids is making sure it is fun!
  • Be sure to observe the garden with the kids and discover new things every day! Nature has a lot to teach us from both our successes and failures.

Garden Girl

Want to know more about Garden Girl and what she recommends for your garden? Follow the Greenhill Living books through all the seasons and keep your garden growing all year. Visit Greenhill Living or check at your local GCSA centre to see if they stock Garden Girl books.

Building Healthy Soil – Winter 2020

Caring about Compost – Autumn 2021

Water and Worms – Summer 2020